Who We Are

If you want to buy snacks & nimco online, you should check out FM Foods. We are a brand of local, tasty delicacies with a wide range of flavors. We started our venture as a home-based business in 1999, which was risky but believable. As we took off, we operated at an almost minimal rate and developed a strategy to focus strongly on quality. We still take this to the heart to this day.

Fm Foods are grateful for the love and support of our customers. They helped us grow at a really pleasing rate. This allowed us to expand our products and scale of operations. We entered the 2000s with Miilee, a brand of delicious snacks.

Then, by the 2010s, we introduced some new brands. They were Jugni, Snakitos Stix, and others. They were individually loved by our customers. Our Research and Development team worked extra hard to achieve these new and innovative products. They filled the gap in the market. We are proud to announce that at the current stage our snacks are consumed and loved by friends and family gatherings across Pakistan.

We have some exciting news to share with you. We are proud to announce that we became an esteemed member of Snack International. Our team has grown too. Each member contributes a large, differentiated proposition and idea to increase and polish the value of our brand.

First of all, we keep our promise sweet and simple. We continue to offer you what we have offered to prior customers since inception. Secondly, we focus strongly on quality and diversity of snacks. Everyone in the family can liven up and enjoy them over the next cup of tea. Moreover, we hope you keep supporting and celebrating us in your homes and hearts. Finally, we are eternally grateful for it.

Fmfoods have some exciting news to share with you. We joined Snack International, a prestigious group of snack makers. Our team has also grown bigger and better. Each member brings new ideas and value to our brand. We keep our promise simple and sweet. We offer you authentic traditional Pakistani foods with high quality. You can find a variety of snacks and nimco in Karachi and other cities. We deliver them to your door with love. We hope you enjoy our products with your family and friends. Thank you for your support and loyalty.